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12 Jan 2015

  There are many kinds of kisses as there are people on the earth, as there are permutations and combinations of those people. No two people kiss alike -no two people fuck alike- but somehow the kiss is even more personal, more individualised than the fuck. 
  There are those who kiss intently, earnestly, their lips tight and straining, their tongues hard, thrust with a firm determination as far as possible into the other's mouth; there are those who kiss lackadaisically, casually, languorously, their mouths slack, brushing lightly, their tongues almost unequal to the effort of venturing forth. There are those cunning kissers whose kiss seems casual at first, and sneaks up on you in vast explosions of lust. There are those insinuating kissers whose kiss is so lewd that it leaves you slightly repelled, as if you had just had a quick fuck on the bathroom floor; and those virginal kissers who, in the act of turning your mouth practically inside out, seem chastely to be taking your hand. There are those who kiss as if they were fucking: tongue pumping frantically back and forth between the other's lips in a breathless rhythm. There are many, many more other major types of kisses -at least twelve come to my mind offhand. List your favorites below: 

Memoirs of a Beatnik
Diane di Prima

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