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23 Oct 2012

Proust Questionnaire

Το ερωτηματολόγιο που απάντησε ο Proust (εμένα μου αρέσει να τον λέω Πράουστ και όχι Προυστ βέβαια) όπως το απάντησα εγώ. Τρομερό.

i) Your favourite virtue
My capability to easily impress others by doing nothing

ii) Your favourite qualities in a man
To be a real gentleman

iii) Your favourite qualities in a woman.
Being smart and elegant

iv) Your chief characteristic

v) What you appreciate the most in your friends
Their ability to listen to me, which they do not mostly

vi) Your main fault
To trust someone as if he or she was myself

vii) Your favourite occupation
Nothing keeps me for that long. I'd say swimming

viii) Your idea of happiness
Living in England, with a beautiful blonde woman and three or four little girl angels. Our kids

ix) Your idea of misery
My life as it is right now

x) If not yourself, who would you be
Seriously, I have no idea

xi) Where would you like to live
With the outstanding British people

xii) Your favourite colour and flower
Blue and roses

xiii) Your favourite prose authors.
Herman Hesse

xix) Your favourite poets
Odysseas Elytis

xx) Your favourite heroes in fiction
Demian and most of Hesse's main characters

xxi) Your favourite heroines in fiction
Maria from Steppenwolf , Hermione from Harry Potter and Arya from Eragon

xxii) Your favorite painters and composers.
Van Gogh first of all then Rubens and Rembrandt. As for favourites composers Chopin, Debussy, Ronnie James Dio, Ritchie Blackmore and many more

xxiii) Your heroes in real life
I have none

xxiv) Your favourite heroines in real life
Just her

xxv) What characters in history do you most dislike
I have no idea

xxvi) Your heroines in World history
.......what if I say Angela Merkel? I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I can't think of any heroines

xxvii) Your favourite food and drink
I like everything except those that I don't like...obvious

xxviii) Your favourite names
Agata or Agatha, Minerva and Isabella

xxix) What I hate the most
Not being polite

xxx) World history characters I hate the most
I have no idea (again)

xxxi) The military event I admire the most
The rise and fall of the German Empire during the leadership of Adolf Hitler
The Cold War as well. Do these count as military events?

xxxii) The reform I admire the most
The reforms Margaret Thatcher did to restrain the Labour Unions in England, even though this move was a complete mistake.

xxxiii) The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with

xxxiv) How I wish to die
By which means or in which sentimental condition?
Kill myself at an age where I'll have no more desires to accomplish or before I become a burden to the others that surround me at that time.
I want to die happy knowing that there was someone to care of me and to be cared of.

xxxv) What is your present state of mind
What Proust answered: Boredom from having thought about myself to answer all these questions
As for me: Bored of everything

xxxvi) For what fault have you most toleration?
The ones that people do before the acquisition of my trust. After that I cannot trust them

xxxvii) Your favorite motto
That life sucks


Nemo said...

We have the same Heroes in life, who knew:P
Τελικά έγινε η συνάντηση;...

Abraxas said...

Όχι... την επόμενη μέρα πετούσαμε και οι δυό για άλλα μέρη...πιο μόνιμα....